AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance Near Richardson, TX

Long Term Air Conditioner Care

The technicians at Classic Air AC & Heating are ready to deliver 24-7-265 repair for your air conditioning units whenever you need it, but we also offer a wide range of preventative maintenance options to keep your a/c running at peak performance and efficiency.

Our highly trained onsite a/c technicians can perform a diagnostic test to see exactly what’s causing your air conditioning troubles, and recommend the right solutions to keep you and your Texas home cool and free from ongoing interruptions.

Air Conditioner Warning Signs

One of the most obvious signs your air conditioning unit needs professional maintenance is the noise your unit makes.

A steady noise is generally okay, but intermittent hissing, clunking, grinding, or squealing noises usually indicate a problem – or in more serious cases, damage to your equipment. Poor temperature control is another key indicator that your air conditioner requires maintenance.

Excessive energy use also indicates a problem. If your a/c use has stayed the same but your energy bills are increasing, your air conditioner may need a slight adjustment, or it may indicate common problems with older units. If you experience any of the above warning signs, it’s important to call the professionals at Classic Air AC & Heating right away for an accurate diagnosis of your problem and an effective solution that has your best interest at heart.