About Us

Classic Air Conditioning & Heating is a company aware of the importance of making their customers happy. In order to keep our customers we have to have several elements embedded into our service:

  • Affordable Prices
  • Friendly and Trusting Relationships with our Customers
  •  Prompt and Quality Work

Affordable Service

Our service calls are $34.95. We do not charge any additional fees for after hours or emergency calls. We understand that most people have jobs that require them to work during most air conditioning and heating companies regular business hours. We do not feel that people should be penalized for that. We try to work with our customers and offer them many options in regards to fixing and installing equipment. We will try to fix the present equipment before we install new equipment unless it is absolutely impossible.

Friendly & Trusting Service

Classic Air Conditioning & Heating knows that friendliness is important to keep our customers. We make an extra effort to provide friendly customer service. Classic Air Conditioning & Heating is part of the Better Business Bureau. This program is designed to provide customers with a sense of confidence and security when hiring contractors. Establishing a trusting relationship with our customers is the essential component to keeping that relationship.

Prompt and Quality Work

We care about our customers and their heating and air conditioning needs and that is why we will try to schedule your appointment that same day.
We are licensed with the state of Texas to provide air conditioning and heating services. Our license number is TACLB29124E. We have several years of experience working in the air conditioning and heating field. Our top priority is to provide our customers with quality honest work!


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